Corona Virus Information

(Last Updated On: 15th March 2020)

Any of our family or friends in need during the current Corona virus situation, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to help.

Do not panic and carry on using sensible advice to mitigate risks.

Stay at home if unwell but inform another member – Remember one’s own health affects others

Use tissues to catch and bin sneezes and coughs

Hands – keep washed and use hand gel.

THE PEACE – a “sign of Christ’s peace” is to be passed through a smile, nod, or wave.

COMMUNION – Receiving in one kind (bread only) is to receive both as they are co-mingled at the altar. Only the bread will be offered to the congregation, with Father Tom taking the wine on behalf of everyone.

HOME VISITS – Home communion and home visits from authorised persons, Eucharistic ministers and clergy will continue with each carrying hand gel and washing between visitsSchools, residential homes and other institutions will have similar protocols – these should be known and adhered to by us as visitors

Hospital visits will not be undertaken and pastoral care will be left to chaplaincy teams at the hospital

It has also been recommended that Tea/Coffee and breakfast after church should be suspended for the time being. We hope to resume normal practice in all areas ASAP

Please visit for the latest updates from the Church of England regarding the Corona Virus and how this may affect church services.