Church Opening for Private Prayer

(Last Updated On: 20th June 2020)

There are lots of guidelines to follow but luckily we shall be opening in such a way that many of the issues around social distancing and cleaning of the church will not affect us.  

We are operating an ‘Open by appointment’ system which allows us to carefully and safely control access to the church in a way that will avoid too many people trying to access the building at the same time. The system will work in this way.  

1. Anyone who wishes to come into the church for a time of private prayer should contact me by telephone (01245 269906) or e-mail to arrange a suitable time to visit.  

2. I will open the church just prior to the agreed time and doors will be left open so that there will be no need touch them on the way in or out.  

3. Hand sanitiser willl be available to use on entry and exit.  

4. Pews will be pushed back and a single chair placed centrally near the Sanctuary for visitors to use if they wish or they may kneel at the altar rail. No church service books are to be used. If a visitor wishes to use an order of service to aid prayer Fr. Tom will e-mail something to them ahead of time for them to print and bring with them. Such printed materials should be taken home by the user and disposed of appropriately.  

5. Fr. Tom will remain present, at an appropriate distance, to make sure safety protocols are maintained. When the visitor leaves Fr. Tom will clean any surfaces that have been touched with Anti-Bacterial wipes and dispose of them safely.  

6. Toilets and washing facilities will not be available during visits.  

7. Visitors will be able to leave by the same way they entered.  

8. Fr. Tom will ensure the building is empty and clean before he leaves and locks the church.  

I know this may seem a bit excessive but it’s a lot less restrictive than some other churches are having to be. It’s a small step but at least it’s a beginning.  

  Sent by Canon Tom Page
Vicar: Ascension with All Saints