Christmas is on!

(Last Updated On: 28th September 2020)

Hello everyone,  

I’m not usually one to be wound up by the things I read in the national newspapers or hear on the telly BUT I have to say, I find it hugely annoying that we keep hearing ‘Christmas is cancelled’ all over the media.

Christmas is not cancelled it will happen, despite what the doomsayers and negative thinkers would have us believe. Of course, it will be very different this year than what we have come to view as ‘normal’, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen though. Goodness me, there’s enough to feel negative about at the moment without people trying to make us feel worse!

How is it that big media misjudges or underestimates us so badly? Don’t they know how imaginative and inventive people can be? Surely some of the amazing things we’ve seen this year are proof enough that we can always find a way to rise above adversity. Why can’t they try to look to the positives and find the hope even in the current situation?

I know that for a lot of us Christmas this year will be harder in many ways, but I think some of that depends on what we think Christmas is really about. If it relies largely on how much we can spend on gifts, what we might get from other people, or how much food and booze we are able to consume, then sure, it looks like things could be bleak. However, if Christmas is about spirit, about our desire to look for the best in people, to be caring, considerate even, dare I say, loving, then we have cause to be more positive.

What about revisiting the central story of Christmas? How about spending a bit of time exploring the birth of Jesus again, something which many of us may not have done since we left school. How about a visit to church, either in person or online to hear again the wonderful readings which tell of how the birth of a child can bring so much hope and joy to the world, even one in the grip of a pandemic.


Canon Tom Page
Vicar: Ascension with All Saints