new music

Only Weak Men Fear Stron Women - video still

Our new EP ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’ is released on Friday 19th June, it will be proceeded by the song ‘Only Weak Men Fear Strong Women’ on Friday 12th June.

The video for the song will be premiered on a great music site on Thursday 3rd June, news on that soon.

Due to the lockdown we couldn’t film a video so we enlisted a load of the strong women we know just to send clips of themselves, doing what they wanted or saying what they wanted to say. We’re pleased with the results and hope you enjoy it.

The EP title was inspired by some angry nutter ranting on facebook about the film ‘The Last Jedi’ featuring ‘too many lead female characters’ – the ‘woke bulltshit’ causing straight white men to become a minority and they will soon no longer be allowed to vote. I mean, it’s a sci-fi film. Madness. these people exist.

It’s five songs of energetic shouty calculator noise and will be available on Spotify, itunes and all those other numerous musical services.

We hope you like it.

In less great news, Rebellion Festival has been cancelled so we will not be playing. We hope to return to performing live again when the current situation has eased a bit.

Thank you.