EP out now

Those Fucking Snowflakes - Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage cover

Our new EP ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’ is out everywhere today.

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‘Fun blast of lefty views, like a fuzzed up shouty Half Man Half Biscuit, touching on real matter with a tweak of comedy’
Wayne Carey – Louder Than War

‘The punk resurgence is bringing a lot of exciting music and this is no exception. It’s like riding a rollercoaster of left wing frustration with all the adrenaline to match. Sure, it’s rough and raw but that’s all part of its charm and it’s certainly going to be exciting to see where this EP takes the Blackpool based band.’
Lauren Wilson – RGM ‘Reyt Good Magazine’

‘These Fucking Snowflakes are out there deploying 1000 volts through the civility of discourse. The shortest route between two points is often through something and TFS are a roadblock busting sonic juggernaut. This isn’t just an EP of worthy polemic with catchy song titles it is made up of five cracking songs, a roiling sea of heavy, heavy chords, swirling riffs and screaming vocals’
Paul Cook – Joyzine

‘another terrific and powerful rant of a record doing its best to tear into the establishment while never losing a sense of entertainment which honestly makes it all the more powerful and listenable’
Tom Girard

‘pile driver of a song full of nice grunge rock fuzzy guitars, feral drumming, big bottom feeder bass lines and strident shout-a-bout progressively drawn wails. It is the kind of political punk rock we need right now’
Robb Donker Curtius – American Pancake

‘Packed with anger (and more than a little frustration) from the very first note, ‘Part post-punk but with added extra-chunky Reuben-esque riffs’
Ryan Barham – Spectral Nights

‘TFS like to brutally dismantle everything that’s wrong with society like a mix of Idles and the Manics but with wigs and northern accents. The sound of anger and hate aimed at a society that has got everything upside down right now.
Roland Monger – Listen With Monger