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Those Fucking Snowflakes - Only Weak Men Fear Strong Women

Our new song ‘Only Weak Men Fear Strong Women’ is out today
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video online

The video for ‘Only Weak Men Fear Strong Women’ is available to watch online now thanks to the lovely folks over at God Is In The TV

Head to to watch it now.

The song is available to stream and buy everywhere on Friday 12th June and is followed by the EP ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’ on Friday 19th June.

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ep review

Big thanks to everyone at RGM: Reyt Good Magazine for this nice little review of our forthcoming EP ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’, thank you so much you lovely people.

Head over to the link below and scroll down to look at what they said.

Don’t forget to check out the other music they have reviewed too.


new music

Only Weak Men Fear Stron Women - video still

Our new EP ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’ is released on Friday 19th June, it will be proceeded by the song ‘Only Weak Men Fear Strong Women’ on Friday 12th June.

The video for the song will be premiered on a great music site on Thursday 3rd June, news on that soon.

Due to the lockdown we couldn’t film a video so we enlisted a load of the strong women we know just to send clips of themselves, doing what they wanted or saying what they wanted to say. We’re pleased with the results and hope you enjoy it.

The EP title was inspired by some angry nutter ranting on facebook about the film ‘The Last Jedi’ featuring ‘too many lead female characters’ – the ‘woke bulltshit’ causing straight white men to become a minority and they will soon no longer be allowed to vote. I mean, it’s a sci-fi film. Madness. these people exist.

It’s five songs of energetic shouty calculator noise and will be available on Spotify, itunes and all those other numerous musical services.

We hope you like it.

In less great news, Rebellion Festival has been cancelled so we will not be playing. We hope to return to performing live again when the current situation has eased a bit.

Thank you.



Those Fucking Snowflakes - Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage cover

We are please to announce our new EP
‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’
is currently being mastered by the amazing TobiSonic, it contains 5 tracks of absolute noise that will never be played on the radio or listened to by anyone with taste.

Contains the songs:
‘Weak Men fear Strong Women’, ‘Boris Johnson and the Big Red Bus of Bullshit’, ‘Carnibores’, ‘Meat Is Murder But Morrisey’s A Dickhead’ and ‘Tangerine Pirate of the NHS’

We are hoping to have it out by summer, as we can’t get out to film a video we’ve put a call out to women to send us in clips of them miming along to the song ‘Weak Men Fear Strong Women’ – or just filming themselves doing whatever.

If you want to get involved email

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May Gigs Off

Unfortunately due to the ongoing corona pandemic we won’t be able to play our gigs in May – some will be rescheduled and some cancelled outright. Sorry about this.

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